Perishable Council (PCSC)
of Southern California
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History of the Dairy Deli Bakery Council of Southern  California (DDBC)
The Southern California Deli Council was born in the Summer of 1959. Bob Kearney, then the Deli Director of Certified Grocers, Harold Schneider, the Deli Buyer for Food Giant, and Sydney Fischer of brokerage company Champion Food Sales were sitting around Syd Fischer's pool. 

Harry Schneider came up with the idea of getting all of the deli buyers and salespeople together in some type of club or organization to upgrade the industry and the people involved. Two weeks later, the group, joined by Sam Freed of Grand Taste Packing Co. met again at poolside, and at this meeting, they decided to go ahead with plans for organizing the club.

After some initial skepticism, the organization had its preliminary meeting at Roger Young Auditorium, set up its By-Laws and drafted the organization's purposes:

(1) To promote goodwill and develop a close tie of friendship within the delicatessen industry.
(2) To exchange ideas and stimulate interest in all facets of deli merchandising.
(3) To tie-in with national events such as Hot Dog Month, June is Dairy Month, Pickle Week, Salad Week and the Fall Cheese Festival.
(4) To keep abreast of all new developments in manufacturing, packaging, distribution and display of deli products.
(5) To solve mutual industry problems.
(6) To gain general knowledge and enhance the operation of market deli departments.

The Deli Council, later re-named the Dairy/Deli/Bakery Council of Southern California would go on to become one of the premier trade associations in the retail food industry.
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