Dairy Deli Bakery Council (DDBC)
of Southern California
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About Dairy Deli Bakery Council of So California (DDBC)
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The Dairy Deli Bakery Council of Southern California (DDBC) is an association of retailers, brokers, suppliers, distributors and manufacturers (both regional and national) who are conducting business in the perishable food industry.

Founded in 1960, it was established as a non-profit, mutual benefit corporation to serve the interests of members and business owners in the regions where they conduct business. 

The purpose of the association is to act as a unified force whereby common interests within its Membership can be voiced and acted upon. As such, the DDBC functions in the following areas:

•Provides education to members on subjects related to the advancement of their business and to the industry as a whole. 
•Provides news on trends, legislation and issues through the DDBC's magazine, Deli News. 
•Provides educational programs through meetings, speakers, seminars, panel discussions, deli schools and symposiums relevant to the business interests of Association members. 
•Assists, when possible, in business development of its members through consulting, research and other data analysis pertinent to business; to also act as a vanguard to protect the well-being of its members. 
•Promotes good will and friendship among members through social, recreational and other sp ecial events provided by the Association. 
•Recognizes members for service to the industry through special awards at an Annual Awards Event held each January. 

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