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Letter from The President - Bill Mackie

I would like to take this time to thank everyone who attended our events 
this past year. We had many great opportunities to meet new members 
as well as catch up with old friends and colleagues. It is through the continued 
support of our loyal members and their willingness to participate that has kept 
our great organization going strong for more than five decades.
We are very fortunate to have an organization like the DDBC, where we can 
gather together as a small group, representing our industry, a large and vital 
industry, and all participate in a mutual atmosphere of camaraderie. I have to believe that we enjoy a unique situation in the Southern California market area. We have a large, highly populated, and highly competitive place of business that is like no other in the nation, or even the world, if I might be so bold to say.

Even with this uncommon set of circumstances, the food industry supply chain in this market still finds the time and energy to give of themselves to a common goal of making our industry the best industry to be a part of. We enjoy a safe, secure, lucrative, and rewarding line of work. So many times I watch or read the news reports that talk about fields of employment that are struggling with budget cuts, layoffs, hazardous and life threatening conditions and I think to myself WOW, I am so blessed to be in the food industry right now. I'm sure many of you have thought the same thing over the past several years since the recession hit. So many people are losing their jobs, homes, and everything they've worked so hard for, it can truly be a scary time in history for those in occupations that are less resilient than ours.

With all this said, it is time for us to pull together even tighter than years past. Let's all get out and do our part and get involved in some way or another. It doesn't have to be any huge contribution; it can be something as simple as attending an extra event or two in 2013, it all adds up and makes a difference. I have had representatives from national manufacturers that live in other states, tell me that they never cease to be amazed at how closely knit the retailer, broker, and manufacturer community is in this market. They tell me it's like this in no other part of the country that they know. It is evident to them that even though we are in a fiercely competitive market, we all seem to know each other closely and are willing to help each other in times of need. You don't get this type of caring by staying inactive in the community.

My hope and goal for the DDBC in 2013 is that we grow our membership base, increase event attendance, re-activate inactive members, increase our scholarship program, and add even more value to the organization as a whole. Thank you for actively taking part in this goal. I'm looking forward to meeting all current members who I have not yet met and to an even greater degree, welcoming new members to our organization over the course of the year

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