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Big Cheese / Hall of Fame / Lifetime Achievement Awards
The purpose of these awards is to recognize an individual or individuals that have contributed unselfishly of their time and talent to continue the forward movement of the Dairy-Deli-Bakery Council. This honor also reflects on the company with whom the recipient(s) represents.
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Jeff Merrill, Customer Business Manager - West for Ethnic Specialties at MegaMex Foods a joint venture with Hormel Foods.  Jeff has a strong history with the DDBC - He joined the Board of Directors in the mid 90's, and served as President in 2001.  Also serving as Seminar General Chairman in 2003 and then again in 2008.  Jeff is blessed to have worked with an impressive list of co-workers and mentors.  "The list of talented people I have worked alongside in my career are amazing.  I am truly blessed and I have learned so much from all of them".

2013 Hall of Fame Inductee
Jeff Merrill, MegaMex, Hormel Foods

2013 Retailer of the Year
Silvia Quiroz, Cardenas Markets
Silvia Quiroz, Deli-Dairy-Frozen Beverage Buyer of Cardenas Markets served on the Board of Directors.  She credits recently retired George matics, Alvara Rosales and Steve Vallance now in his second tour with Cardenas for teaching her the responsibilities of a buyer.  When she started at Cardenas there were only 9 stores, now there are 29 stores ... and more on the way.  Which leads one to consider the question:  Silvia hitch her star to a company on the way up or did the company kick into high gear in the growth department when she signed on?? Actually a bit of both because she is a natural fit in the family-owned and operated company.
2013 Supplier of the Year
Fred Rowen, Rowen Sales & Marketing
Fred Rowen, owner of Rowen Sales & Marketing sold his bakery brokerage business last year to DDBC member Allan Baum, so that he could retire, putting a wrap on the food industry career that started 48 years previously in 1965.  Fred was one of the pioneers in bringing in-store bakeries into the DDBC.  His father and uncles we also very involved with the council and were charter members of the Deli Council, as it was known for the first 40 years.  
February 2013
Brian Svoboda
Carl Buddig
Thank you to Coca Cola and Stater Brothers for your generous donation of $10,000 to the Bud Moorman Scholarship Foundation. 
We would like to continue to extend our gratitude to all donors and members for your contribution. 

DDBC Bud Moorman Scholarship Foundation
The DDBC organization is dedicated to the principle that professionals in all areas of the perishable food industry are essential. 
Scholarships are an extension of the educational programs that the DDBC organization provides. Money for these scholarships is raised by the members of the council and is generated from generous donations and fund raisers including opportunity drawings at various events.
Scholarships in the amount up to $1,000 each will be awarded for Fall and Spring Semesters.

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July 2013
Anthony Reyes
Voskos Greek Yogurt
May 2013
Michael Bonert
Bonert's Pies
November 2013
Laura Taketomo
Food 4 Less
October 2013
Craig Jaunzemis
La Mexicana
2013 Hall of Fame Inductee
Judy Norton, Norseland, Inc.

Judy Norton, Sales Manager for Norseland, Inc.  Judy joined the council back in 1985 at the urging of Claus Simon, her mentor and a charter member of the council when it was formed in 1960.  She was been with Norseland for 23 years.  "I has a lot of pride in working for such a great company" she said.. Judy has been a big supporter of the council by serving on the board and several committees.

May 2014
Bob Cashen
Cacique Cheese
2014 Lifetime Achievement Award
Kevin Davis, CEO, Bristol Farms

Eleanor Bennet began her career in the food industry in 1965 at Certified Grocers (now Unified Grocers). She has been a member of the DDBC since 1974 when she was promoted to Deli Buyer. Eleanor was first elected to the DDBC Board of Directors in 1976 and served as Vice President in 1977 before becoming the organizations first woman President in 1978. Eleanor has been a trailblazer in the industry throughout her career and has received numerous industry awards and recognitions. Please join us in saluting Eleanor in receiving this Lifetime Achievement Award.
July 2014
Stan Foster
Moark LLC.
2014 Lifetime Achievement Award
Eleanor Bennett, Retired, Unified Grocers

Kevin Davis began his career in the food industry in 1969 at Shopping Bag Market, joined Ralphs Grocery Company in 1972, and later Bristol Farms in 1997. Kevin has served the industry as past Chairman of the CGA, past President of the WAFC and is currently serving on the Board of Directors for the Food Marketing Institute (FMI). Kevin has supported many charitable causes and has received numerous industry awards and recognitions. Please join us in saluting Kevin in receiving this Lifetime Achievement Award.